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The impact of cannabis on patients with refractory chronic pain

It has recently been suggested medical cannabis is beneficial for reducing chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis as well as improving levels of sleep and reducing fatigue.

Cannabis Access Clinics observed over 150-patients, who were prescribed medical cannabis and noted down their levels of improvement. They were all taking 10:10 CBD to THC from Little Green Pharma, and had an average age of 55.

The real world data could go a long way in aiding better access to the life-changing treatment, for so many in need.

Treating chronic pain conditions

Many patients who take medical cannabis, do so to treat their levels of chronic pain including neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and more. Throughout the study carried out in Australia, the research team found significant levels of improvement in the impact of pain and the intensity felt.

While 33% of patients found their pain intensity had improved, an overall reduction in pain levels was found to be 9%. For those using medical cannabis to aid their sleeping habits and levels of fatigue, just under 50% noted their sleep disturbance had improved.

Why is it important to note levels of sleep and fatigue? The two are known to be highly related to an individuals ability to manage pain, as the body has time to then repair itself.

An improvement to previous studies

While many studies have been conducted in the past to determine how medical cannabis can impact the level of pain patients experience, some industry experts are stating research hasn’t been done ahead of approving the treatment.

However, the more studies being completed to show advances in managing pain levels are aiding towards bringing patients better access to medical cannabis.

The expert consultants at Maple Tree are equipped with full understanding on the legislation, licensing and regulations surrounding CBD and medical cannabis. We support organisations establishing, developing and maturing in the sector to thrive. Contact our team to find out more.



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