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Businesses & individuals come to Maple Tree when they’re looking for clarity, when they’re wrapped up in red tape and when they want to give their business the best opportunity for success.

And, after meeting Maple Tree, they are clear to focus on a new way ahead – confident in the knowledge that together, we’ve got this.

Professor Mike Barnes

Medical cannabis expert and neurologist Professor Mike Barnes has dedicated the latter part of his career to medical cannabis excellence, education and clinical leadership.

A co-author of the All-Party Parliamentary Group report on the evidence for medical cannabis as part of its Drug Policy Reform and the first  adopter of medical cannabis as a treatment option in the UK, Mike shares his expertise and passion for the medical cannabis industry with international Governments, global cannabis organisations and specialist clinicians. He is dedicated to the development of an enduring domestic industry with trusted global partners and a sensible and robust approach to medical cannabis prescribing in the UK.

Prof Mike Barnes Maple Tree Global Canna

Hannah Deacon

Hannah Deacon's successful campaign led to son Alfie’s doctors receiving the first schedule one license to prescribe whole plant cannabis on the NHS. Hannah then became the first person to legally enter the UK with medical cannabis containing THC. Alfie received the first NHS prescription for medical cannabis through a shared care agreement, agreed by the Home Office. 
With an international reputation for achieving change in the sector, Hannah’s dedication to campaigning and advocating for the rights of patients succeeded when the law changed on 1 November 2018.


Hannah works to develop an ethical medical cannabis industry, supporting businesses, individuals and patients to overcome challenges. With key insight into patients and their needs, Hannah strives to ensure the patient is at the centre of the conversation in this developing sector. 

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Hannah Deacon Maple Tree Global Cannabis
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