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New publication: An Introduction to Medical Cannabis

We are proud to announce the launch of the first publication in our new evidence base series, An Introduction to Medical Cannabis.

Designed as a foundational resource that offers clarity, evidence-based perspectives, and in-depth knowledge for informed decision-making within medical cannabis prescribing, An Introduction to Medical Cannabis is now available to buy online.

A fully referenced guide to the evidence for medical cannabis

A comprehensive introduction to medical cannabis informed by over 280 references, An Introduction to Medical Cannabis explores the history and legal journey of medical cannabis in the UK to the intricacies of the endocannabinoid system and the diverse spectrum of cannabis plants and products.

It provides an overview of the science and evidence behind medical cannabis, its safety, the evidence base for prescription, patient demographics, and the practical aspects of prescribing medical cannabis.

About the series

An Introduction to Medical Cannabis is the first publication in a series that will provide a detailed evidence base for cannabis-based medicinal products (CBMPs). Despite its legalisation in the UK for medicinal purposes, cannabis access remains limited, and the knowledge gap among healthcare professionals persists.

Maple Tree's Medical Cannabis Evidence Base series aims to bridge the gap in knowledge, demystify medical cannabis, and increase accessibility for healthcare professionals, scientists, researchers, and the wider public interested in the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

With topics including epilepsy, pain and anxiety, each publication will build on the last to provide clinicians and the healthcare community with the necessary tools and understanding so healthcare professionals can navigate its complexities and feel confident about prescribing.

An Introduction to Medical Cannabis: Content Overview

  • History of Medical Cannabis: Tracing its long-standing place in therapy and its remergence in contemporary medicine.

  • The Endocannabinoid System: An exploration of physiological mechanisms that respond to cannabinoids.

  • The Cannabis Plant: A scientific breakdown of the plant's components and their medical relevance.

  • Medical Cannabis Products & Production: Insight into the diversity of medicines derived from cannabis and how they are produced.

  • Evidence Base for Prescription & Patient Demographics: Analyses of who benefits from these treatments and the backing science.

  • Safety of Medical Cannabis: Understanding the safety considerations and the associated risks of medical cannabis.

  • Precautions and Contraindications: Essential information regarding the cautious administration of medical cannabis.

  • Prescribing Medical Cannabis: Practical guidance on the process for healthcare practitioners.

This is a must-read for clinicians, healthcare professionals, scientists, and research students, with over 280 references it serves as a solid starting point for further enquiry and continuing education.

About the Authors

Varinder Kaur, graduate in Medical Biosciences from Imperial College London and a Master of Research candidate in Cancer Biology, joined industry leaders Prof Mike Barnes & Hannah Deacon to author this report. Each brings a wealth of experience from clinical practice, research, and advocacy to produce this rigorous and approachable publication.

Order An Introduction to Medical Cannabis today

Copies are available through our website for £15. For all enquiries, bulk orders, or further information, please contact us.

Look out for the upcoming release in the series, The Evidence Base for Epilepsy, which will expand further the understanding of the medical efficacy and potential of cannabis-based treatments for this condition.



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