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Maple Tree comments on the TIGR Report 2021

The latest Taskforce on Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Report has been published with an update to medical cannabis and CBD, specifically its recommendation for the Regulation of medical cannabinoids and medicinal CBD to move from the Home Office to the Department of Health and Social Care.’ It is hoped this will create a regulatory pathway for assessment and approval leading to more benefits for patients

While Maple Tree has welcomed aspects of the TIGGR Report, it hopes this does not become an overly bureaucratic exercise.

The TIGR Report states how the current regulations do make it difficult for scientists and professionals to conduct research on the medical benefits, and how current Home Office regulations make it impossible for production of the sought after treatment in the UK.

Professor Mike Barnes, Maple Tree Director, said: "We do hope the points made in the new report benefit the medical cannabis and health sectors.

It is about time regulations were amended to ensure there is a pathway for approving products quicker, and ensuring everyone has access."



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