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Last week, RYAH Group announced they had completed an initial shipment of its proprietary Smart Dry Herb Inhalers, for use in a pilot study with Medicann Jersey.

A specialised clinic for medical cannabis, Medicann Jersey is providing patients with access to specialist doctors and pharmacists, who have experience prescribing the medication.

Now launching an observational study, Medicann hopes to collect patient feedback on the consumption of cannabis strains available on the island.

"We are excited to be initiating our pilot program with Medicann in Jersey, which represents a unique, ‘ring-fenced’ environment for establishing potentially numerous studies on the efficacy of treatments using plant-based therapies. RYAH is pleased to contribute RYAH’s IoT devices and data platform and work with Medicann toward perfecting prescribing practices and dosing regimens,” said Gregory Wagner, CEO of RYAH Group, Inc.



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