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Exploring medical cannabis in Scotland with Hilltop Leaf

Maple Tree and Hilltop Leaf at the cannabis Scotland talk
Matthew Ross, Prof Barnes, Hannah Deacon and Hamish Clegg

On 5 July, Maple Tree Directors Prof. Mike Barnes and Hannah Deacon took part in Hilltop Leaf’s community talk in Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway, to introduce the local community to medical cannabis and its benefits.

Based in the south of Scotland, Hilltop Leaf is a medical cannabis cultivation and extraction business with a mission to create cannabis based medicinal products accessible to patients in the UK and Europe at a reasonable price.

Dedicated to creating economic and community opportunities in the region, Hilltop Leaf’s event aimed to explore and demystify medical cannabis by sharing experiences and perspectives on the use of the treatment.

An evening of learning and opportunity

Talking medical  cannabis at the Buccleuch Centre

Hosted at the Buccleuch Centre in the Esk Valley, close to the Scottish Borders, the Scottish Medical Cannabis Community Talk included an interview with Prof. Barnes, who discussed how cannabis works on the body and shared the transformative impact that medical cannabis has had on patients' lives.

Prof Mike Barnes discussing the positive impact of medical cannabis
Hamish Clegg, Prof Barnes and Prof Philippe Wilson

Hamish Clegg and Neil Ewart from Hilltop Leaf discussed the organisation’s role in ensuring the quality and safety of medical cannabis products, as well as their commitment to education and research. The conversation provided valuable insights into the supply chain dynamics and the steps taken to ensure that patients receive reliable and standardised medical cannabis treatments, grown in Scotland.

During the dynamic Q&A session, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions about job creation and the future of the medical cannabis industry.

Hannah Deacon sharing Alfie's story in Scotland

Hannah Deacon, who shared Alfie's Story - the journey to access medical cannabis for her son - commented,

“The proactive interaction of Hilltop Leaf with their community demonstrates not just the potential of a thriving UK medical cannabis industry, but also the possibility of a robust, functional supply chain. This promising venture is not only exciting but also essential for our sector.
The positive impact that Hilltop Leaf is set to have on the Langholm community, by providing job opportunities and stimulating the local industry, is a clear indication of the potential that a UK-sourced cannabis supply can offer.”

The event served as a significant platform for knowledge sharing and raising awareness about the potential benefits of medical cannabis. With increased understanding and collaboration among stakeholders, the event laid the foundation for continued progress in the field of medical cannabis in Scotland, ensuring that patients receive the care they deserve and promoting further advancements in research, regulation, and accessibility.

Meet Hilltop Leaf: community conscious employers developing a Scottish medical cannabis sector

Hilltop Leaf values its social and environmental responsibilities through four key pillars: environment, workplace, marketplace, and community.

The company focuses on reducing its carbon footprint and preserving natural resources, and prioritises employee well-being and economic opportunities following the Scottish Pledge. Hilltop Leaf complies with UK product and lab test regulations to ensure high-quality standards, actively engages with policymakers, and contributes to the local area through economic initiatives, supporting local businesses, and community development.

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