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Choose the UK leaders in medical

cannabis strategy

At Maple Tree Consultants, we see opportunities, not obstacles. 

We recognise what you need for success: who to talk to, what to say, how to grow and how to navigate this emerging, confusing and sometimes challenging industry that’s changing so many people’s lives for the better.

Ideally placed to connect, develop, and support global businesses, people trust Maple Tree’s unrivalled expertise as they enter, mature, excel, and exit the medical cannabis marketplace.

For a straightforward, honest, and practical strategy that works, trust the international medical cannabis experts.

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For anyone looking for in depth knowledge of the UK and international medical cannabis market, you need not look any further than the expert services of both Mike and Hannah at Maple Tree. Having been part of the industry since its inception (and indeed before), Maple Tree have an unparalleled knowledge of the sector and a network that cannot be matched by any other UK player.  Not only that, but their sincerity and heartfelt concern for the patients and the sector is keenly felt by the people they work with and they ensure they work in the best interests of all.”

Hannah Simon, Chief Operating Officer, Script Assist

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