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“Medical cannabis turned my life around”

Kieran God in the Grass

In our latest episode Hannah and Mike chat to Kieran, a patient advocate and host of the YouTube channel ‘God In The Grass’, about how medical cannabis has changed his life.

Having struggled with his mental health since the age of 12, Kieran had tried every conventional pharmaceutical and therapeutic approach to manage his symptoms which included severe anxiety and obsessive  He says in his own words, his doctors had ‘washed their hands of him’.

After a period of particularly poor health after the pandemic he came across YouTube videos of patients who were sharing their experiences with medical cannabis.

Almost two years after becoming a private patient himself, he says the treatment has been truly transformative for him. The effects have been so profound that it inspired him to launch his own YouTube channel, where he shares his journey with over 12k subscribers.

He is also the vice chair of the Medical Cannabis Patients Association where he is actively advocating for greater awareness and education around cannabis medicines on behalf of patients across the UK.

In this episode he opens up about his personal struggles and shares how medical cannabis has not only improved his health and quality of life—including helping him quit alcohol—but has given him a passion and purpose.

“Medical cannabis hugely turned my life around… it’s not a miracle but it’s given me a passion again, a dream and something to care about. Before medical cannabis I was unable to have any kind of compassion for myself… the minute I took it I just felt this huge weight off of me and I’ve felt that weight off since.”

Listen to Hannah and Mike’s full interview with Kieran below or via your usual podcast app.

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