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PR, Communications & Marketing

Communications, public relations and marketing to grow business presence and brand.

PR, Communications & Marketing

In a competitive landscape, effective communication is key to building trust and credibility. Once you have established the foundations of your cannabis business, the next step is getting your message out there in a way that feels authentic and aligns with your strategic goals.


But with so much regulatory red-tape in place knowing what you can and can’t say to market your product or service can be a minefield. Innovative marketing strategies that think outside the box are crucial for companies entering this space to cultivate a positive public image, establish meaningful connections with stakeholders and secure that all-important investment.


With a collective 10 years’ experience in the UK medical cannabis sector, our trusted PR and Marketing partners know the industry inside out and can help you navigate complex regulations to ensure compliance when marketing your brand.


Together, they offer a range of PR, communications, and marketing services tailored to your specific needs. From strategic messaging to targeted campaigns, they will work with you to ensure your business stands out, resonates with your target audience, and thrives in an increasingly crowded market.


Meet our partners


Sarah Sinclair


Sarah is an award-winning journalist, with a decade of experience in publishing and communications, the last four of which have been in specialist healthcare sectors, including Medical Cannabis.


The former editor of Cannabis Health, the UK’s leading title covering the potential of cannabis for health and wellbeing, Sarah has been at the forefront of the UK/European cannabis space for the last four years and has reported extensively on the developments in this rapidly-evolving sector, with a focus on patients and consumers.


She has hosted and facilitated webinars on cannabis healthcare and has spoken at leading industry events such as Cannabis Europa, Product Earth and Drug Science’s UK Patient Conference. Alongside an NCTJ-accreditation and an MA in Journalism, she has completed additional specialist training in Medical Cannabis through the UK Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society.


Kate Thorpe


Specialising in medical cannabis and private healthcare marketing, Kate is an expert in creating fresh and effective multi-channel strategies that work. She has worked in healthcare marketing for the majority of her career, from NHS communications to her current portfolio of clients across neurorehabilitation and specialist care, luxury care homes and the medical cannabis sector.


She has provided marketing and communications support for leading organisations in the UK cannabis sector, having been involved with the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society since its inception and as secretary and communications lead, co launching the Cannabis Industry Council in 2021 with Prof Mike Barnes.


Kate works with organisations to uncover, define and share motivations, unique services and stories in a way that sparks conversation and instil trust. She specialises in helping organisations launch, and later, scale up to meet the demands of a growing, multi-site organisation.


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