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Insurance Services

Specialised insurance services tailored to the risks in the medical cannabis industry

Insurance Services

Setting up a cannabis business in the UK comes with a lot of potential risks so it’s crucial you have the right insurance in place to protect your investment, ensure regulatory compliance, and help you navigate the unique risks associated with the cultivation, processing, and distribution of cannabis-based products.


As well as mitigating against the risks that all businesses must navigate, such as property protection, business interruption, security, professional liability and employee safety, companies in this space must ensure they have insurance to protect them against the specific challenges that come with producing cannabis medicines.


As with any food or medication, cannabis products can pose a risk of harm to patients and consumers, and having the right insurance helps protect you against product liability claims, including those related to product defects, contamination, or adverse reactions, which could be hugely damaging to your budget and your reputation.


We advise working with specialist insurance providers who have specialist knowledge and understanding around the complexities of the medical cannabis sector and the heavily regulated environment that companies must operate in.


Through our cannabis specialist legal partners, we offer a range of comprehensive insurance services, designed to safeguard your business against all of these unforeseen risks. Whether it's crop protection, liability coverage, or property insurance, we work closely with industry-specific insurance providers to tailor a robust protection plan, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your core operations.

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