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Energy Management

Innovative energy solutions for efficient and sustainable cultivation and processing facilities.

Energy Management

Are you a medical cannabis company in the UK looking to power your growth with a reliable grid connection or explore sustainable energy practices? Whether you're expanding your operations or setting up new facilities, navigating the intricate world of energy supply demands expertise and experience.

At Maple Tree Consultants, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in the cannabis industry, especially those with high energy consumption needs.

That's why we've joined forces with industry-leading experts to offer cutting-edge solutions for connecting new facilities, like greenhouses and grow sites, to the national grid, or enhancing energy capacity in your existing setup.

Understanding the unique energy challenges of the cannabis sector

UK cannabis businesses must carefully consider energy needs and consider the impact on operations and sustainability when developing sites and facilities.

From cannabis cultivation facilities requiring substantial power for specialised lighting, heating, and ventilation to those involved in CBD extraction, the production of hemp-based construction materials and research and testing facilities, businesses should consider requirements for consistent energy supply, energy-efficient manufacturing processes and sustainable energy sources for production.

Find expert support to accelerate your grid connection

Through our industry-leading partner, your organisation gains access to expert knowledge and advice from the industry’s most experienced consultants, who work with you to make it easier for you to connect to the grid quickly. Our goal is to ensure that your grid connection not only succeeds but also becomes a cost-effective asset to your cannabis business in the long term.

Expert assessment

Our expert grid partners first explore the viability of your grid connection projects – avoiding non-viable options and allow you to focus on projects with the potential for substantial rewards. Our partners will assess your project's feasibility and compatibility with both distribution and transmission networks, giving you a clear understanding of your project's potential and the associated financial aspects.

Application and approvals

Connecting to the grid can be a daunting process—complex, time-consuming, and costly. Our team will liaise with your local distribution network operator (DNO) or National Grid on your behalf, providing crucial support through the intricacies of the grid connection application process. We'll assist with transmission impact assessments, help you navigate contracts, and clarify financial liabilities.

Licensed IDNO – offering an alternative to the local DNO

As an OFGEM licensed IDNO, Eclipse Power has a long track record of successfully designing, owning, operating, and maintaining licensed electricity networks. We work closely with clients to find an engineering solution that meets your needs. Our flexible approach to innovative design and problem solving means that you can gain significant benefits over the standard DNO connection to the National Grid, and often at a lower price.

Take the next step

If you're ready to empower your cannabis business with innovative energy solutions that lead to efficiency, sustainability, and success, contact Maple Tree today.

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