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Cybersecurity Solutions

Robust cybersecurity strategies to protect sensitive data and ensure the integrity of operational systems.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Cyber security breaches and attacks are common threat to businesses across the world. For organisations operating in the developing medical cannabis industry, at the intersection of healthcare and a product with some stigma attached, are at risk of becoming prime targets for cybersecurity threats.

Increasing risks to a growing sector

The cannabis industry has seen significant growth over the past decade. As the sector expands, it has adopted various digital platforms and technological solutions to streamline its operations, manage patient data, and maintain compliance.

The medical cannabis industry, like other healthcare industries, also requires greater cyber protection to protect sensitive information about customers and patients.

The sector's technological advancement has also opened the door to an array of cybersecurity risks. Also due in part to the current economic climate, the trend is smaller organisations viewing cybersecurity as less of a priority, and so undertaking less monitoring of network security and logging of breaches or attacks.

Find out more in our latest blog post on the subject and contact us for advice about securing your business.

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