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Board-Level Oversight

Strategic direction and oversight at the board level.

Board-Level Oversight

Looking to elevate the skills, experience and credibility of your board of directors? Make your venture more attractive for potential partnerships and collaborations with knowledge and expertise from the leaders in medical cannabis in the UK. 


At Maple Tree Consultants, we offer more than just consultation services. Our leading medical cannabis experts are available to sit on your advisory board, offering an added layer of expertise and direction. By inviting our experienced directors to non-executive director or executive director roles, you can strengthen your board with invaluable strategic input, connections, and oversight.

Expert industry insights and strategic partnership opportunities 


With Maple Tree professionals on your board, your company has access to first hand knowledge of emerging trends and wise counsel from individuals who have shaped the sector to date. Not only will your organisation gain credibility, but you'll also have access to Maple Tree’s exclusive network of leading UK cannabis businesses.


Our network is a gateway to potential collaborations, mergers, and acquisitions, with industry connections that both amplify your company's reach and unlock previously inaccessible opportunities. For us, as board members, it's not just about presence; it's about enhancing decision making, introducing you to key connections, and securing the route for success. 

Mitigate risk with regulatory oversight 


In the ever-evolving world of the medical cannabis sector, navigating unforeseen challenges within the intricate regulatory landscape is an inevitable part of business operations.


Our professionals combine foresight with expertise to effectively identify risks that could impact your business.  Through proactive interventions and expert problem-solving, we not only help your organisation sidestep potential pitfalls but also strengthen its resilience against any unforeseen challenges, ensuring business continuity in even the most turbulent scenarios. 


Beyond just navigating the essentials of cannabis industry regulation, our team ensures your operations are compliant and stay ahead of changes.  With us, you're not only protected but also positioned for growth. 


Attract industry-leading professionals and expertise 


One of the understated advantages of a robust board is access to leading industry talent, eager to work with leaders in the sector. Our professionals, with their many connections, can introduce you to potential colleagues, investors, and legal professionals. 


With the Maple Tree advantage, you can be assured that your business is strategically positioned for success in the UK's medical cannabis sector. 


Next steps 

Contact Maple Tree Consultants today and discover how our board-level oversight can enhance your business's strategic direction, ensuring a robust and successful future in the UK's medical cannabis landscape.

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