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Maple Tree drafted a special discussion paper for the Government, in early 2021, outlining ten recommendations for the UK Medical Cannabis and CBD Market.

The discussion paper aims to reduce the red tape currently hampering what could be a multi-billion pound industry, transforming the lives of our patients. 



The market is currently hindered by outdated laws and regulations, which isn’t helped by a declining economy and unemployment levels at an all time high. 

Ten Recommendations for Government, produced by Maple Tree, calls on the Government to review its restrictive approach to the cannabis industry - which could create tens of thousands of jobs, and bring much needed capital to the country. The papers includes facts, figures and information including how:

  • Reducing red tape to create 97,000 new jobs and transform patient access to medical cannabis

  • The UK is currently the largest exporter of medical cannabis in the world, despite importing the great majority of its CBD products and 100% of medical cannabis

  • A domestic cannabis sector could help stimulate the UK post-pandemic


In November 2018, the government announced medical cannabis could be prescribed for patients by specialist doctors, but so far just three NHS prescriptions and 6,000 private prescriptions have been issued. 

Recommendations for Government (2021)

  • A digital download (PDF) 

    • Maple Tree Consultants
    • 2021
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