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The Economic Opportunity of Liberalising Medical Cannabis Policy in the UK

In a recent opinion article by drug policy advocates, Volteface, Maple Tree Director Hannah Deacon spoke with author Megan Townsend about the need for a different approach to push for further liberalisation of medical cannabis policies in the UK.

Discussing the possibility of using economic arguments to promote the liberalisation of medical cannabis policy in the UK, Hannah expressed her appreciation for the recent parliamentary debate on the economic importance of the medical cannabis sector, acknowledging the government's focus on the economy and innovative industries. However, she also pointed out the lack of knowledge among MPs about the sector, highlighting that incorrect information was shared during the debate.

A key quote from the piece explains the potential benefits to a more liberal approach:

"Analysts suggest that the UK is set to become the second largest medical cannabis market in Europe, with the European market itself estimated to be worth £3.2bn by 2025. Rightfully so, many suggest that the economic opportunity of broadening medical cannabis policy is one that the UK government should not pass up."

Opinion: To liberalise medical cannabis policy, campaigners should appeal to the government's economic sensibilities: read in full at

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