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Prof Barnes opens CT-Cann 2023 conference

On February 15 and 16, Maple Tree Consultants attended the highly anticipated CT-Cann 2023 event in London. The event was a huge success, with expert speakers from around the world and excellent networking opportunities.

CT-Cann 2023 gathered an assortment of industry professionals, clinicians, and researchers. The scope of this year's conference included medical cannabis research, regulatory updates, and new sector developments. The speakers, including Dr. Staci Gruber, Dr. David Finn, and Prof. Dedi Meiri, discussed the most recent global developments in medical cannabis.

At CT-Cann2023, Hannah Deacon and Mike Barnes, directors of Maple Tree, had the opportunity to network with other industry professionals and exchange ideas. Professor Barnes, a leading figure in the medical cannabis industry who played a pivotal role in the UK's campaign to legalise medical cannabis, issued a call to action as the event's opening speaker.

In his opening remarks, Professor Barnes spoke passionately about the need to advance the medical cannabis industry and expand access to cannabis-based treatments for patients who could benefit from them. He emphasised the significance of continuing to advocate for policies that promote the growth of the medical cannabis industry and make it easier for patients to obtain the necessary treatments. His call to action set the tone for the conference and inspired participants to work collaboratively towards this crucial objective.

CT-Cann 2023 highlighted the UK medical cannabis industry's significant growth and potential. The networking opportunities provided an invaluable platform for collaboration and partnership. Maple Tree was able to establish connections with other cannabis businesses, physicians, researchers, and policymakers, laying the groundwork for future partnerships with global clients.

Looking for expert support to develop your medical cannabis business?

Global stakeholders trust the unrivalled experience of Maple Tree as they enter, mature, and flourish in the medical cannabis sector. Maple Tree Directors Hannah Deacon and Prof. Mike Barnes are ideally placed to connect, develop, and assist organisations to grow businesses within the UK.

Want to know more? Please get in touch with us so that we can schedule a free initial consultation meeting. You'll have the opportunity to tell us more about the goals you have for your organisation and how we can help you achieve your objectives.



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