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Hilltop Leaf secures £2m investment

Hilltop Leaf recently announced that it had received £2 million in investment funding. Hilltop Leaf will be able to expand its reach into commercial sales, operations, and infrastructure thanks to the funds, which will help the company become one of the largest producers of medicinal cannabis products.

The United Kingdom's Home Office has given Hilltop Leaf permission to grow and import cannabis for medical use in the United Kingdom and Europe. Hilltop Leaf is a cannabis business based in the United Kingdom.

With the new money it has received, Hilltop Leaf will be able to meet the growing demand for medical cannabis products in the UK, grow its cultivation and production facilities, and invest in research and development to improve its products even more. In addition, Hilltop Leaf is expanding the size of its commercial sales team in order to make more of its products available to patients.

With the help of its investors, Hilltop Leaf is sure that it will be able to reach its goal of becoming one of the top producers of medical cannabis products in the UK and around the world. The investment is an exciting development for the medical cannabis industry in the UK.

Founder and chief executive Hamish Clegg told Sky News:

"We are building a business around the three key pillars of health innovation, environmental sustainability, and community impact. Although medicinal cannabis use is growing, the UK relies solely on imports and we understand there is a problem with the reliability of the supply chain.

We aim to provide an affordable, high-quality solution to treat conditions ranging from chronic pain to severe epilepsy, while easing pressure on the NHS. We plan to rival other countries such as Canada, Germany and Israel with our own reliable supply from the hills of Scotland."

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