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Hellenic Dynamics collaborates on cannabis research in Greece

Northern Greece

Hellenic Dynamics and ELGO-DIMITRA IPBGR, the Greek Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources, are working together to make new cannabis plant varieties with desirable traits.

The five year partnership between Hellenic Dynamics and ELGO-DIMITRA, part of the Greek Ministry of Agriculture, Development, and Food, involves using cannabis genetics to develop new varieties with improved properties, such as higher yields and greater pest resistance.

The two organisations are working together to study the plant's genome, aiming to identify key genes that could be manipulated to produce desirable traits for medicinal use. The researchers are collaborating with industry professionals to ensure they are meeting market demand.

This joint research could assist Hellenic Dynamics in gaining Intellectual Property protection on certain genetics throughout Europe and help its plans to seek registration for its cannabis based products in Greece.

ELGO-DIMITRA is part of the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation. The institute has a long history of research related to conservation, reproduction-multiplication, breeding and genetic improvement. It also works to produce and transfer knowledge for the development of integrated crop production and solve modern agricultural problems. ELGO-DIMITRA's research focuses on improving safety in agriculture, food and the environment.

About Hellenic Dynamics

Hellen Dynamics logo

Hellenic Dynamics is a licensed cultivator and supplier of finished pharmaceutical standard cannabis based medicinal products, founded in 2018 and operating from Greece. The company is licensed to cultivate and supply medical cannabis products that meet pharmaceutical standards, which guarantees the quality and safety of their products.

Their growing facility is located in Northern Greece, a perfect location for producing high-quality cannabis. After two years of negotiations with the FCA, Hellenic Dynamics became the first cannabis cultivator to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The company is committed to offering exceptional customer service and ensuring that their products meet patients' needs.

Supporting medicinal cannabis cultivators

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