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Regulatory & Legal Services

Expertise in legal and regulatory compliance specific to the UK's medical cannabis industry.

Regulatory & Legal Services

Are you looking to develop your medical cannabis business? Whether you're aiming to set up a medical cannabis clinic, expand your clinical services, set up a pharmacy dispensing service, or open a UK based grow facility, navigating the intricate landscape requires both expertise and experience.


Regulatory Excellence with Maple Tree Consultants

Maple Tree Consultants offers expert regulatory guidance and connections to trusted legal experts supporting businesses in the UK medical cannabis sector. Our goal is to support businesses in demystifying the often complex journey from launch to a fully operational business, ensuring that every decision you make is both compliant and strategic.


Licences form the bedrock of the medical cannabis industry. Our team is well versed in guiding organisations through the requirements necessary to secure licences for pharmacies and grow facilities. 


For those looking at setting up medical cannabis clinics or expanding private services to offer this treatment, Maple Tree has the expertise to support in every aspect - from Care Quality Commission (CQC) applications to the recruitment of key roles such as Medical Directors and Registered managers. We also support organisations to prepare for CQC interviews, and develop all the necessary policies and procedures.

Legal Guidance: Our Trusted Network

To help businesses navigate the legal framework of medical cannabis regulations, we have developed close relationships with some of the UK's top cannabis legal experts. 


This network, coupled with our in-house expertise, guarantees that when you seek legal advice, we can connect you with trusted professionals best suited to your specific needs.


Strengthening Industry Relationships and the Patient Experience 

The medical cannabis sector in the UK is as much about relationships as it is about products and services. Recognising this, we offer services tailored to help you develop and sustain essential partnerships, crucial for considerations such as supply chain stability and dispensing partnerships. 


Beyond our operational support for businesses, we are deeply committed to enhancing the patient experience. We champion initiatives like Patient Councils and Forums, offering our expertise to ensure they're effective and beneficial for all involved.

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Choosing Maple Tree Consultants means aligning your business goals with an expert partner well versed in the intricacies of the UK medical cannabis industry.


With Maple Tree Consultants on your side, you can be sure that our professionals will handle the regulatory aspects of setting up and running a medical cannabis business. By doing so, we free you up to channel your energies where they matter most: ensuring quality service delivery.


Contact us today for a free consultation where we can learn more about your organisation and how Maple Tree Consultants can help you succeed.

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