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A plea to Boris Johnson from medical cannabis patients

Three years after her son was granted a prescription to medical cannabis, Hannah Deacon returned to Downing Street on 16 June with Thomas Braun and his family to call on the Prime Minister to "stop the suffering" of children in need of medical cannabis treatment via the NHS.

Only three prescriptions have been issued by the NHS since 2018.

Thomas said his parents should not have the "added worry of having to find lots of money to pay for medicine". His younger brother, Eddie, has a "life-transforming" private prescription costing the family almost £800 a month.

In a letter, Hannah explained to the Prime Minister that families unable to receive a prescription on the NHS may now be forced to turn to the black market in order to fund their children’s treatment. She said: “This abominable situation is putting the power of some of these children’s wellbeing at the hands of criminals.”

Peter Carroll, Director of campaign group End Our Pain has told the BBC: "The situation is bizarre and cruel. The Government has legalised a medicine, but hardly anybody can get access to it."


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