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Will smaller cannabis companies better survive the impact of Covid19?

In a recent article on the stock market for, Prof Barnes commented on the impact of Covid-19 on cannabis companies.

Professor Mike Barnes, a neurologist, medical cannabis expert, and founder of Maple Tree consultancy, says part of the reason the cannabis industry has been beaten down over the past year was the rapid rise of enormous, financially strained cannabis firms.

Barnes told in an email:

The cannabis stock market has dropped in the last 12 months or so – significantly. Basically I think this is the larger companies being over committed financially and becoming so big that they could not adapt quickly to a very fast changing market  – becoming dinosaurs before they were meant to be. I think the smaller companies will survive well because they can adapt quickly, they can innovate in terms of product delivery systems and adapt to the market adjustments in terms of strain types that are needed for the medical consumer (who is increasingly knowledgeable).

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