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The first import of South-African medical cannabis flower arrives in the UK

Earlier this month, Maple Tree Consultants supported cultivator MedCan in bringing the first South African medical cannabis flower to the UK.

A historic moment for the UK, the cannabis flower grown in Johannesburg has been imported to UK soil to be made available to patients across the country. The high THC flower contains 16.1% THC, 0.05% CBD and 0.96% CBG.

Professor Mike Barnes, Director of Maple Tree said: “This is a historic moment. The UK has an ever-expanding medical cannabis sector which requires good quality products, with a secure supply chain.

“Maple Tree Consultants are delighted to support MedCan with this import and are excited to see patients and clinicians have more choices to help with treatment.”

With a rich terpene profile, the flowers have a very high concentration of Limonene to provide an intense aroma of tropical fruit. With thanks to the growing techniques in place, the flowers have not been irradiated. In other words; their terpene levels remain intact.

Micaël Zollmann, founder and CEO of MedCan, told Cannabis Health: ‘We are so excited that our product is now available in the UK.

“At MedCan, we are passionate about cultivating a high-quality medical cannabis flower that can be accessed by those who will benefit most.

“Our flower meets the strictest testing requirements, has a rich flavour profile, and will hopefully be well received by the patients and clinicians alike.”

MedCan is one of the only GMP Certified and fully licensed indoor cannabis cultivation facilities in South Africa. With a commitment to the environment, MedCan recycle all water and plastics used on-site, and use no pesticides or chemicals throughout their growing process.



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