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Ten Recommendations for Government - latest

Maple Tree's latest discussion paper, Ten Recommendations for Government, has been well received throughout the sector and central Government.

The paper urges the Government to reduce the red tape hampering what could be a £2 billion industry, with 97,000 new jobs and massively increased patient access.

As seen in the Financial Times and other global outlets, you can download the full discussion paper which includes findings on medicinal cannabis, hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) online.

Professor Mike Barnes said, "It's incredibly important to support a nascent UK medical cannabis industry. We need the Government to streamline the licensing process and to stimulate jobs and the economy post-Covid. This is crucial also to give help to thousands of patients who have so far been let down by uncertain supply chains for new products."

Maple Tree continues to lobby the Government to fully understand the benefits of developing this sector. If you would like to know more or be involved in this work, please do get in touch.



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