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Supporting the Protect Our Patients Campaign

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Maple Tree is proudly supporting a pivotal new initiative advocating for the rights of GPs to prescribe medical cannabis to their patients.

This groundbreaking campaign is a collective effort led by industry organisations, including the Cannabis Industry Council, the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, Volteface, and Maple Tree.

'Protect our Patients' is committed to empowering GPs with the same prescribing rights as consultants, acknowledging the potential of this treatment to transform lives.

Hannah Deacon, Director, Maple Tree Consultants, said:

“Maple Tree welcomes this initiative. It is time that medical cannabis is more widely available to those that so badly need it and one way to do this is allow GPs to initiate prescriptions for their patients. This will also help to remove patients from the criminal market.
There is still so much to do to support patients with access to this legal medicine and I hope to see the whole sector get behind this important initiative.”

At this initial stage, 'Protect our Patients' is extending an invitation to other organisations within the industry that align with our shared vision for change.

To explore more about this campaign and to join us in making a difference, please visit


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