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Script Assist launch aims to streamline medical cannabis prescribing

With the help of a new online platform from Script Assist, doctors can now prescribe medical cannabis from their own private practice.

Script Assist attempts to address the issues doctors, private clinics, and patients in the UK face when prescribing medical cannabis.

Just 100 (0.25%) of the UK's 40,000 speciality physicians prescribe cannabis, and Maple Tree works with organisations across the UK to increase access to this life-changing treatment.

Sana Healthcare, which has been developing the technology over the last year, rebranded as Script Assist in February 2022 to promote the new software and safe, ethical, and data-led prescription in the UK. As well as providing a step-by-step route to prescribing cannabis for clinicians in the UK, the software lets patients report their symptoms so doctors can track their improvement in real time.

Expert innovators and clinicians working in partnership

Entrepreneur and BBC Junior Apprentice winner Arjun Rajyagor and pain management expert Dr. Ilan Lieberman founded Script Assist to make prescribing easier for UK doctors, giving them the ability to prescribe as part of their usual practice.

Speaking to Cannabis Health Magazine, Dr. Ilan Lieberman commented:

"Working as a pain clinician, I’m always looking for the best and safest treatment possible for my patients.

I know many other clinicians have found themselves in my predicament – I wanted to prescribe medical cannabis, but I didn’t want to join a cannabis clinic.

I wanted a simple way to monitor my patients’ symptoms as they used these medicines and support to make sure I was following all regulations and guidelines."

Script Assist is a comprehensive governance tool, designed to make prescribing medical cannabis safe and efficient for specialist clinicians. The tool is free-to-use and combines a dedicated patient app with a data-driven formulary to ensure accurate prescriptions. It provides detailed information regarding available cannabis varieties and their therapeutic effects, enabling the clinician to select the most suitable type of cannabis for the patient’s condition.

The app also provides an intuitive interface for doctors to interact with their patients, allowing them to track and monitor the progress of their treatment in real time. This functionality enables clinicians to tailor treatments according to the needs of the patient, making prescribing medical cannabis more effective and predictable.

Visit ScriptAssist to learn more.

Choose Maple Tree for expert medical cannabis consulting

Maple Tree Consultants specialises in helping companies in the medical cannabis industry in realising their full potential and progress even further than that.

Maple Tree can provide expert growth, optimisation, and profile-raising strategies for your business, as well as an exit strategy for you when the time is right. Our expert medical cannabis consulting service is available to both start-ups and more established companies.

​Maple Tree is able to support you in building your network within the UK medical cannabis sector by connecting you with trusted industry partners. Whether you are developing a clinical or patient pathway, a UK cultivation business, a pharmacy, or something similar, Maple Tree can help your business succeed.


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