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New educational opportunities with Sativa Learning provide partnerships

Committed to providing the tools needed to reach the gold standard in the cannabis industry, Sativa Learning bring comprehensive cannabis education you can trust.

"As the cannabis industry grows worldwide, the gap in cannabis knowledge grows with it."

Having previously provided a range of courses to those looking to become part of the cannabis industry or those wanting to expand their knowledge in CBD, Sativa Learning is now helping individuals to become more competent and effective cannabis professionals.

Sativa Learning is providing new ways to partner with them.

1 - Become a Sativa Learning Affiliate:

By promoting their accredited cannabis courses across your own website, podcast, social media or blog channel, you can start earning. As with many other affiliate programs, for every course purchased via your channel, you have the opportunity to earn a commission.

2. By providing Sativa Learning accredited courses to your clients at a wholesale cost:

Add value to relationships with Sativa Learning acting as your third-party education provider. Every course can be offered as a value-added service.

Professor Mike Barnes, Director at Maple Tree Consultants, and Advisor on the Sativa Learning board, said:

"The cannabis industry is evolving rapidly. We need more educational providers such as Sativa Learning to provide the opportunity for growth, development and professional status.
"Only by education will we remove the myths and misinformation surrounding medical cannabis and allow the UK sector to move forward."


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