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Reaching a new audience at the ‘Let's Talk About Cannabis' Conference

On 23 May 2023, the conference 'Let's Talk About Cannabis!' took place in London, providing an in-depth exploration of medical cannabis and its expanding role in UK healthcare.

The event gathered approximately 180 professionals from various fields, including clinicians, health professionals, case managers, doctors, and solicitors. This collaboration created a comprehensive dialogue about the role of cannabis within medical care and potential implications for brain injury rehabilitation.

Diverse topics and expert speakers

Maple Tree director, Professor Mike Barnes, captivated attendees with his expert insights on the history of medical cannabis globally, tracing its evolution from a traditional remedy to a modern treatment option. He also updated the audience on the progress and pitfalls of the medical cannabis sector in the UK five years post-legalisation.

Paediatric Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr Penny Trayner discussed the effects of cannabis on neuropsychological functioning in adolescents, highlighting patterns of problematic use, psychosocial factors, and proposed interventions. Sarah Griggs and Richard Jervis from Irwin Mitchell provided legal perspectives, discussing the complexities that arise in litigation and deputyship when clients use cannabis. Dr Tomás Campbell and Erika Turner shared insights on managing addictions in community settings using a multidisciplinary approach.

Neurologist Dr Shanika Samarasekera, from Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, explored the role of medical Cannabidiol in managing epilepsy. The event concluded with Dr Fiona Ashworth outlining a Compassion Focused Therapy approach to understanding cannabis use following an acquired brain injury, using case examples for demonstration.

A significant milestone in the mainstream cannabis conversation

This conference marked a significant milestone, as one of few conferences to gather mainstream neurorehabilitation professionals outside of the cannabis industry to discuss this treatment. The speakers emphasised the need for a multidisciplinary approach in addressing the emerging challenges and potential benefits of medical cannabis, particularly in the context of brain injury rehabilitation.

'Let's Talk About Cannabis' also emphasised client perspectives on disparities between their views and those of the multidisciplinary team (MDT), offering personal insights and reflections on the impact on rehabilitation planning. It highlighted key research findings, providing a clearer understanding of medical cannabis and its implications for healthcare professionals, particularly in neuropsychological function and rehabilitation planning.

This conference has opened the door for continued discussions between healthcare professionals and medicolegal colleagues, marking a significant milestone in the discourse on medical cannabis in the UK.

Expert leadership and education with Maple Tree Consultants

If you're seeking expert insights into the medical cannabis sector, look no further than Maple Tree Consultants. Director, Professor Mike Barnes, brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive experience as a speaker at numerous global conferences and as an educator in the field of medical cannabis.

With a profound understanding of the history, science, and potential of medical cannabis, Professor Barnes can guide those keen to delve into this rapidly evolving sector. Whether your goal is to engage audiences at conferences, equip your team with the latest knowledge, or make informed decisions about your involvement in the cannabis sector, Maple Tree can support.

Maple Tree Consultants is dedicated to helping businesses, governments, and organisations thrive in the cannabis sector. We work collaboratively to ensure that your learning and growth within this industry is both seamless and robust. Our approach encompasses a range of services from education initiatives, regulatory guidance, to strategic planning.

For more information or to book Professor Barnes for a speaking engagement, please get in touch with us. We look forward to supporting you in your exploration and expansion within the cannabis sector.


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