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Medical cannabis treatment in the UK with Professor Mike Barnes

In a recent interview with Health Europa, Prof Mike Barnes talks about CBD, medical cannabis and Maple Tree.

"We found that we were both separately being approached to do a lot of work advising companies, doing media, writing articles, appearing on television. We thought there was a logic to working together: Hannah brings the patient perspective, I bring the medical perspective.

Our key goal overall is to promote the availability of medical cannabis for all who need it – to do this we aim to continue with media campaigns, as well as advising companies who want to get into the UK or European medical cannabis spaces. We advise them on the necessary processes for setting up in the UK, and how then to sell and promote their product, both for prescriptible medical cannabis and hemp-based CBD wellness products.

We want to promote a proper UK market in medical cannabis and encourage a UK industry: legal medical cannabis in the UK is typically imported and while we do help importers, we also want to work with people who are trying to establish a homegrown industry."

To work with Maple Tree, contact Hannah and Mike directly here.

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