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Maple Tree Consultants attend Cannabis Invest UK

Last Thursday 30 September, Directors of Maple Tree Consultants attended Cannabis Invest UK; an exclusive event bringing together early-stage healthcare, health, wellness and biotechnology companies in the cannabinoid sector.

The investor conference brought together LSE-listed and private companies, as well as licensed providers and dispensaries - including many clients of Maple Tree Consultants.

Whilst in attendance, our directors were also able to gain a more in-depth understanding of investments taking place across the stock exchange, key issues and key trends within the industry.

Earlier in 2021, Maple Tree Consultants wrote a white paper for the Government, with ten recommendations which could create thousands of job, bring much needed capital to the country and provide patients with better access to medical cannabis.

The Lobbying Project - written alongside Mackrell Solicitors - aims to ensure the medical cannabis and CBD sector is heard within the highest levels of Government.


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