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Maple Tree Consultants & Volteface launch 'Patients First'

Patients First - a new way for medical cannabis patients to participate in professionally facilitated focus groups - has been developed to fairly compensate individuals.

Launched earlier in February by Volteface and the experts at Maple Tree Consultants, the initiative gives patients the much-needed voice they deserve, provides an opportunity for them to make changes in the medical cannabis industry, and to be paid for their time and effort.

"Our aim is to ensure patients are financially rewarded for sharing their views and experiences with the cannabis industry."

Patient dissatisfaction has been growing for some time, as access to medical cannabis treatments via the NHS is still difficult and there have been concerns about the quality of some medical cannabis available.

Directors at both Maple Tree and Volteface recognised many frustrations were being voiced across platforms including Facebook Groups and Reddit Forums.

"We want patients to give feedback on their experiences using medical cannabis, and give the industry an opportunity to engage constructively in a professional environment."

Speaking about the new initiative, Director of Maple Tree Consultants Hannah Deacon said:

"It is hoped Patients First will enable those in need to have their voice heard, and thank them for their time by way of payment.
"This payment may go towards costly private medical cannabis prescriptions; hopefully making things that little bit easier.
"With Patients First, Maple Tree and Volteface will continue to ensure a patient-focused approach is adopted throughout the sector so patients really can come first."



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