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Join Maple Tree at CT Cann 2023

On Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 February, join the Maple Tree team at CT-Cann2023.

Taking place at the Hilton London Canary Wharf, the conference kicks off at 9:15 am, with Professor Mike Barnes opening the conference as the first speaker.

Drawing on his experience of the prescribing landscape since legalisation in 2018, in his address Prof Barnes will discuss, 'Prescribing medical cannabis in the UK – Where are we and what are the main challenges.'

Co-Chaired by Prof Dedi Meiri and Haggai Sharon, speakers include a range of international experts, including Dr Staci Gruber, from the Dept of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Michael Lynskey, Chief Research Office, Drug Science,

Amnon Mosek, Sourasky Medical Center and Dr Niraj Singh, the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society.

CT-Cann2023 will inform participants of the latest evidence and concepts regarding cannabinoid therapy, aid prescribers to practically implement best practices based on the clinical implications of current research and expert opinions, serve as a platform for an exchange of ideas and practices in cannabinoid medicine, and bring together clinicians, patients and industry leaders in innovative and engaging discussions.

To learn more and book a ticket, visit


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