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I give my 11-year-old cannabis to stop him having 500 seizures a month

On 5 February, Maple Tree Director Hannah Deacon spoke to the Daily Mail in order to draw attention to her mission to secure access to cannabis for her son via the NHS. In 2018, she achieved this goal with Alfie becoming the first individual in history to have received an NHS prescription for medical cannabis. Since then, he has been seizure free.

Hannah became an advocate for medical cannabis in the UK throughout her fight, sharing her story in order to emphasise how vital this treatment option can be for those who suffer from intractable epilepsy. She also spoke out against the stigma that still surrounds medicinal cannabis, noting that people are often unaware of its therapeutic value.

Hannah’s story is just one of many that has brought attention to the potential of medical cannabis in the UK, and has helped contribute to a more open dialogue about its uses. As more research is conducted into the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis, it will become increasingly important for patients to have access to this treatment option in order to manage their conditions. With Hannah’s help, the UK is making strides in medical cannabis access and education.

Maple Tree hope that by Hannah's continued sharing of her story will encourage others to take a stand and speak up for effective treatment options, so that even more people can benefit from the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis.

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