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End Our Pain meet MPs at Portcullis House

Maple Tree directors Hannah Deacon and Professor Mike Barnes will soon attend a meeting at Portcullis House with the End Our Pain committee.

Medical cannabis and CBD groups from across the industry - including Drug Science and MedCan Support and Members of Parliament - will soon present the evidence Drug Science has collected over the previous three years.

This evidence shows the significant improvements to the lives of children across the UK, following their experiences using whole-plant cannabis products.

Hannah said: “As we all know, three years on, we are still fighting for better access to medical cannabis for our children. We don’t know why, but all we can continue to do is fight.

“The evidence collected by Drug Science and shown in the House of Lords will go a long way into proving why medical cannabis treatments should be made more available to families like my own, and the difference it can make to the quality of life our children with severe medical conditions lead.”


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