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Dutch supply of medical cannabis to UK patients extended by six months

Image credit CLC portraits

Following the UK’s exit from the EU in 2020, children living with severe epilepsy were left without access to life-changing medical cannabis. After a successful campaign, the Dutch government agreed to extend the supply beyond the Brexit transition period, until 1 July 2021. This waiver period has now been extended until 1 January, 2022, giving campaigners and patients more time to find an alternative solution to the problem.

In a letter to Maple Tree Director and mum of Alfie Dingley, Hannah Deacon, on 13 May, the Department of Health said it was working to proceed as “quickly as possible” with the UK production of these medicines.

Hannah commented: “This is still a long way off from being okay, but for now we have the pressure taken off on the supply issue. There are many ways in which the Government could step in and help access for very vulnerable people and we will continue working as hard as we can to make things better for all.”

Read the full story at Cannabis Health.


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