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Cannabis farm backed by British Lord raises £1.6m

Professor Mike Barnes speaks to Sifted about medical cannabis in the UK.

"Professor Mike Barnes was the first doctor in the UK to prescribe cannabis. He says that private clinics are seeing a 30% increase in prescriptions each month at the moment and he believes the NHS will follow the private sector’s example.
“It’s here to stay,” says Barnes, “fifty countries have legalised medicinal cannabis, and the NHS will pick up, it’s unstoppable.”
That should come as a relief to companies like AVIDA supplying cannabis to pharmaceutical companies.
At the moment, a cannabis pain relief prescription costs about £300 to £400 a month. Having more startups in the market would help bring the cost down, Barnes says. “I’d love to see more startups here in the UK working on it. Cannabis is a very personal product and we need young, nimble companies who can produce products that suit different people.”
“And we really don’t want to see the emergence of big-cannabis, who would produce bland products,” Barnes says, which is something he believes is already starting to happen.



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