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Work with us to transform the medical cannabis sector

Speaking as part of the Growing Pains panel at last week's Cannabis Europa, Professor Mike Barnes and his co-panellists discussed the promise medical cannabis continues to show in treating a wide range of medical conditions, rapid industry growth and the potential European patient access has to match that found in North America.

The conference panel also focussed on how the Proceeds of Crime Act is stifling investment into the sector as the breadth of its provision results in a wide range of medical cannabis organisations and activities potentially falling under its scope.

How can we change this?

Maple Tree Consultants is changing this by working directly with decision makers in Government. Experts in understanding complex policy issues and lobbying at the highest levels of Government, at Maple Tree we support our clients to achieve real change.

Earlier this year, we published our 10 recommendations for the UK medical cannabis and CBD market. We’re now looking for individuals and businesses to help us bring this to the heart of Government.

We aim to reduce the red tape, change outdated laws and call on the Government to review its restrictive approach to the industry as part of our lobbying project.

Contact us today to get involved in this exciting work which has the potential to transform the sector.



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