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96% response rate for epileptic children treated with medical cannabis shows new research

The analysis by Drug Science demonstrated that cannabis-based medications are safe, and were a child prescribed them, they would have a 96% chance of having a significant reduction in seizures and other health problems relating to their condition.

The research showed that:

  • Drug Science’s audit of real-world evidence provides an alternative dataset and prediction of response to randomised controlled trials (RCTs) on a group of 21 participants with a range of rare severe childhood epilepsies.

  • The next patient has a 96 % chance of having a significant reduction in seizures as well as a significant reduction in other health problems.

  • The patients’ condition is so greatly improved that no other statistics are required to establish that medical cannabis is extremely effective for patients with refractory epilepsy.

In contrast with the 96% chance of seizure reduction from medical cannabis treatments, the Drug Science research showed the best outcome of typically prescribed NHS medications is less than 50%.

Drug Science hopes that the clinical findings, which have been shared with Health Secretary Matt Hancock in a letter, could end the regulatory standoff that is leaving severely epileptic children without life-saving treatment.



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